Books and Catalogs

"The Apex Is Nothing", (catalog for "The Apex Is Nothing" exhibition at Pratt Manhattan Gallery), essay by Ken Weathersby, published by Pratt Institute, 2024
"Emblemata", (catalog for Emblemata, a 2 person exhibition with E.E. Ikeler at Pazo Fine Art), essay by curator John O'Connor, published by Pazo Fine Art, 2021
"Making Room for Shadows", (a book / project by Jamey Hart), contributed writing: "What Is Looking...?", 2021
"NJSCA / Mid-Atlantic Fellowship Awards in Visual Arts" (catalog), Wheaton Gallery / Wheaton Arts, 2018
"Ken Weathersby", a catalog of recent paintings (library hand, disjoined hand, dream paintings), 2018
Image Feature: Ken Weathesby, paintings "244" and "254", MS Modern, MS Modern, Inc., 2016
"Counterpoints in Time: Ken Weathersby", interview by Nathan Mullins in MS Modern, MS Modern, Inc., 2015
"I put this moment... here. I put this moment... here. I put this moment... over here.", Aljira Emerge 11 Fellows exhibition catalog, curated by Jorge Rojas, Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, 2014
"New American Paintings #110 / Northeast Edition", selected by Al Miner, Open Studios Press, 2014
"Working It Out", exhibition catalog, curated by Mona Brody, Alyce Gottesman and Jo Ann Rothschild, The Painting Center, NY, NY, 2013
"Nearly Neutral", exhibition catalog, curated by John O'Connor, Barbara Walters Gallery / Sarah Lawrence College, 2013
"Textility", exhibition catalog, with essays by co-curators Mary Birmingham and Joanne Mattera, Visual Art Center of New Jersey, 2012
"Through You into Action", exhibition catalog, Aferro Gallery, 2012
"The Structural Catalyst" essay by Ken Weathersby (in "Mark Dagley: 35 Year Overview 1976 - 2011"), Abaton Books, 2012
"New American Paintings #92 / Northeast Edition", selected by Laura Hoptman, Open Studios Press, 2011
"Blake's Tree", Joel Chace (contemporary experimental poetry),[cover image], 2010
"100 Years / University of Southern Mississippi School of the Arts Alumni Exhibition" (catalog), USM Museum of Art, 2010
"New Jersey State Council on the Arts Visual Arts Fellowship Exhibition" (catalog), Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, 2009
"New American Paintings #75 / Mid-Atlantic Edition", selected by Jenelle Porter, Open Studios Press, 2008
"The 183rd Annual: An Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary American Art" (catalog), National Academy Museum, Nancy Malloy, ed., 2008
"National Academy Museum Bulletin Volume 26 Number 1", [front cover image: 156 marcus & commodus], 2008
"The Korus Project", New York / Washington DC, France, Japan, Korea, USA, (catalog), The Hun Gallery, 2008.
Articles and Reviews

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